Conference talks

⚠️ This page is still a work in progress.

Here's a list of the conference talks I gave over the past few years.

Compression on the Web: how do we (re)take control?

This talk was co-presented with Antoine Caron.

#BackToBasics: HTTP cache

In this jungle of JavaScript tools, is a return to simplicity still possible?

The Web, its frameworks and its standards: deconstructing them for a more resilient code base

#BackToBasics: HTTP Cookies

An ultrasonic adventure!

Documentation as code (explained to my dad)

100% Stateless with JWT

Make CSS Fun Again with Flexbox!

Progressive Web Apps: The future of the Web is here

The Star Wars Machete Order

This was my first ignite talk and I wanted to talk about the Star Wars machete order. It was a really fun experience!

From Jurassic Web to offline-first and more with Service Workers

My friends and my ISP try to convince me that we're all connected. It's a lie. We are all "almost connected" and the only pattern to build fast Web apps that don't need the network all the time is to think about offline-first.

This talk covers the annoying AppCache and its magnificent successor: the Service Workers with all the new specs that come along.

CSS for newbies

CSS is not a only a language for designers. You can have really bad taste for colors and style and still learn how to place rectangles on a screen.

This is a quick live coding session covering the very basics of CSS: display, box-model, position and floats.

Recipes for a multi-screen Web

Working with a dual screen setup is not longer reserved to elites like developers or designers. Web applications can offer multi-screen user experience. There's a lot of good ergonomics reasons and a few interesting techniques to discover.

git++: Let's go to the next level of version management

This talk was co-presented with Cyril Lakech.

We all use git everyday but it is still often used like SVN. With git rebase and some good conventions we can have a clean code history and help developers, product owners and users!

HTML5, cookies are not alone anymore

From cookies to latest HTML5 APIs, a presentation of different technologies, patterns, examples, and gotchas about offline and storage in the browser.